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Friday, February 15, 2019

2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country first unit

Volvo V60

LULEÅ, Sweden - The trees are white and the sky is pink. It turns out that the upper part of our planet looks like a different planet. I drive the Volvo V60 Cross Country 2020 near Luleå, the northernmost city in Sweden, called the city. It is 99 miles south of the Arctic Circle, 80 miles from Finland, and its name rhymes with Coolio. The temperature says -13 F, which will freeze the inside of the nose in seconds, but it's actually warmer than it was in Chicago and Detroit the same week.

Despite these literally polar conditions, it does not seem necessary to own a hard vehicle. The snow tires are, and preferably something studded like the Michelin XI rubber installed in our Cross Country, but this is not a lunar landscape similar to Iceland that best suits the Land Cruisers. There's plenty of front-wheel drive Volkswagen, the old Subarus and, of course, a lot of Volvos. Many have three gigantic auxiliary lights placed in front of their bars.

You understand why after the pink sun moves laterally on the horizon. It is dark. Extremely dark, and the car's clock only shows 5 p.m. Equipped with bi-LED headlights with automatic high beams, the V60 fortunately does not need to stain your beautiful face with mini Batsignals. The light that emerges from its headlights is sharp, white and it is to be expected that the local population of elk and reindeer from Luleå. If not, the Cross Country's frontal collision warning system and automatic braking system detect large animals and pedestrians.

It can be credited with the superior maintenance of roads in Sweden, or perhaps the additional ground clearance of 2.4 inches of the Cross Country over the regular V60 (also completely redesigned by 2020 and arriving in the dealerships in July, unlike the V90, not it will only be a special order). Of those 2.4 inches, 0.4 come from the sidewall of the additional tire, either the standard 18-inch wheels or the optional 19 or 20-year wheels. Ours buried in the ditch are 19s. Although it was frankly difficult to say, given the atypical conditions of the road and the tires, that additional sidewall results in a more comfortable ride than the firmer configuration in the Cross Country S60 sedan. Volvo has not figured out how to reconcile the big wheels and the driving quality, but like in the V90 Cross Country, the extra rubber and the air between the wheel and the road make the difference.
The car is, in short, what we expected. But Volvo's Euro-specification headlights were a bit revealing, as they automatically attenuate parts of the beam on the left side to prevent blinding of approaching traffic, but leave the right side at maximum light to monitor the moose who roam. It was my first experience with that technology (Audi, among other manufacturers, offered similar lights abroad) and, while working constantly due to traffic, after a while I got used to the blink and regretted the terribly antiquated regulations of the NHTSA that were keep. You look so smart in our market. That may change soon, and Volvo and other European automakers are eager to offer the technology in the United States.

The interior of the Cross Country is almost identical to those of the S60 and V60, diverging only in the adoption of some unique accent pieces in the Cross Country. The seats are incredibly comfortable, as you would expect from Volvo, and the Sensus touchscreen, vertically oriented, looks pretty. However, start playing the violin and you may notice that it is a little slow to respond, and that the labels on the "buttons" can be a bit difficult to read.

As with all modern Volvos, Thor hammer light signatures serve as a trademark up front, and the exterior design is overwhelmingly Scandinavian and is very well suited. If you like the XC90, S60 or any of the other Volvo cars launched since 2016, you'll like this one. The exact options, packages and prices for the EE must be determined. But the Cross Country is expected to start somewhere between the low and mid $ 40K range.

Beyond spending time in the pleasant V60 Cross Country, it may be time to perform an update. The highlight of the trip is when it comes to setting the navigation from the center of the Bay of Bothnia, with the confusing GPS that warns us that our "vehicle" is located beyond the map. "What a place.

FOR SALE NOW PRICE $ 42,000 (est) MOTOR 2.0L turbocharger DOHC 16 inline 4 valves, 250 hp at 5,500 rpm, 258 lb-ft at 1,800 rpm TRANSMISSION 8-speed automatic AVAILABILITY 4 doors, 5 passengers, front engine, AWD wagon EPA MILEAGE 25/31 mpg (city / highway) L x W x H 188.3 x 72.8 x 59.0 in WHEELBASE 113.2 in WEIGHT 3,900 lb (est) 0-60 MPH 6.5 sec (est) HIGH SPEED 130 mph

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