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Sunday, January 13, 2019

ISRO Says Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission Launch in 2021

 Chandrayaan-2  Mission 

The dispatch of India's second Moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, is foreseen the focal point of April this year, Indian Space Investigation Affiliation (ISRO) chief K Sivan revealed Friday.

ISRO had before said Chandrayaan-2 will be pushed in a window between January-February 16 this year. The mission, costing about Rs. 800 crores, is a moved variation of the past Chandrayaan-1 mission around 10 years earlier. "As for 2 plan, as of now Chandrayaan is arranged from Walk 25 to April end. In all likelihood, the run of the mill concentrated on date is April focus," Sivan told reporters in Bengaluru.

He said the space association had before needed to launch the chandryaan -2 eventually among January and February yet it couldn't show up in light of the fact that explicit tests couldn't be coordinated. "When we missed the February center, next available target is April. Right now it is made courses of action for April," the ISRO manager included.
ISRO Says Chandrayaan-2 Moon 
Freely, India's woman watched out for space mission 'Gaganyaan' is set for December 2021 launch and is presumably going to consolidate a woman space voyager, Indian Space Investigation Affiliation Chief K Sivan said Friday.

Getting ready for the mission, announced by Official Narendra Modi, the ISRO has set up another center to energize the watched out for voyage including a three-section group, he said.

"We have set up everything. Gaganyaan has most essential requirement for 2019. We are needing to have at first unmanned mission in December 2020 and second for July 2021. When we complete this the watched out for mission will happen in December 2021. The entire gathering is adjusted to achieve this goal," Sivan said.

ISRO Says Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission Dispatch Foreseen Mid-April 

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