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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Data Recovery Software 2019

Recovering data from physically damaged hardware can include many techniques. Some damage can be repaired by changing the parts in the hard disk. This alone can make the disc usable, but still can cause logical damage. A special disk-imaging process is used to recover each reading bit from the surface. Once the image is received and saved on a trusted medium, the image can be safely analyzed for logical damage and will probably allow a lot of rebuilding of the original file system.

A common misconception is that a damaged printed circuit board (PCB) can be changed from healthy drive to a similar PCB during recovery processes. Although it can work in rare conditions on hard disk drives manufactured before 2003, it will not work on new drives. The electronics boards of the modern drive usually have drive-specific optimization data (usually a map of bad areas and tuning parameters) and there are other information needed to properly access the data on the drive. The replacement board often needs this information to effectively recover all the data. The replacement board may need to be re-ordered. Some manufacturers store this information on a serial EEPROM chip, which can be removed and transferred to the replacement board.

Each hard disk drive is called a system area or service area; This part of the drive, which is not directly accessible to the end user, is usually the drive's firmware and adaptive data that helps drive the drive within normal parameters. One task of the system area is to log the defective areas within the drive; Essentially to tell the drive where it can not write data

Sector lists are also stored on various chips attached to the PCB, and they are unique to each hard disk drive. If the data on the PCB is not stored on the data plate, the drive will not properly calibrate. [PCB] In most cases the drive head will click because they are unable to match the data stored on the PCB.

The term "logical damage" refers to situations in which there is no problem with the error hardware and this requires a software-level solution.
Corrupt partitions and file systems, media errors

In some cases, data partition table or file system on hard disk drive, or (intermittent) media errors may be damaged. In the majority of these cases, at least one part of the original data can be recovered by repairing damaged partition tables or file systems using special data recovery software such as test disk; Software like dd rescue can create an image of raw data on image media and partition table or file system damage despite intermittent errors. This type of data recovery drive can be done by people without expertise in the hardware because it does not require access to any particular physical device or device.

Sometimes data can be recovered using relatively simple methods and tools; specialist intervention may be needed in more severe cases, especially if the parts of the files are immutable. Data carving is the recovery of parts of damaged files using the knowledge of their structure.
Overwritten data

Has been widely criticized, primarily to deal with the lack of any concrete example of the significant amount of overwritten data. Although the principle of Gutman may be correct, there is no practical evidence to recover the overwritten data. , While research has shown to support that overwritten data can not be recovered.

Solid-state drive (SSD) overwrites data from hard disk drive (HDD), which makes it easy to recover at least some of its data. Most SSDs use flash memory to store data in pages and blocks referred to by the Logical Block Address (LBA) managed by Flash Block Layer (FTL). When FTL modifies an area.

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