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Monday, November 19, 2018

Zero electric bike 2019

  electric bike

Zero electric bike 2019 The 2019 Zero DSR can take care of business in an assortment of circumstances. The DSR's delicate taking care of and convenience make it something that any suburbanite ought to take a gander at. There's something beyond the doldrums of city life accessible when you turn the key of the DSR. On the off chance that you need to get unruly in a field or cavort on some neighborhood trails, that is more than inside reason, and it'll be bounty fun, as well. The sheer rideability makes rough terrain trips an incredible cheerful treat and tearing around the shorelines of Santa Cruz appeared to be a fitting
Photo credit: wbaiv on / CC BY-SA

2019 Zero DSR Specs


Type: Z-Force 75-7R high-effectiveness, spiral motion, inside perpetual high-temp magnet, brushless engine

Controller… High effectiveness, 775 amp, 3-stage brushless controller w/re-generative deceleration

Most extreme power: 70 drive @ 3500 rpm

Most extreme torque: 116 ft/lbsMaximum top speed: 102 mph

Continued best speed: 90 mph

Transmission: Clutchless direct drive

Last Drive: Poly Chain HTD Carbon belt


Type: Z-Force Li-Ion smart coordinated

Most extreme limit: 14.4 kWh (3.6 kWh Power Tank discretionary)

Ostensible limit: 12.6 kWh

Charger: 1.3 kWh (6 kWh Charge Tank discretionary)

Charge time: 9.8 hours (2.5 hours w/Charge Tank)

Information… Standard 110V (220V for Charge Tank)

City go: 163 miles

Parkway run: 98 miles @ 55 mph; 78 miles @ 70 mph
Zero electric bike 2019

Front suspension; travel: Fully customizable Showa 41mm modified fork; 7.0 inches

Raise suspension; travel: Non-linkage completely customizable Showa piggyback supply stun; 7.0 inches

Front wheel: 2.50 x 19

Raise wheel: 3.50 x 17

Tires: Pirelli MT-60

Front tire: 100/90 x 19

Raise tire: 130/80 x 17

Front brake: 320mm plate w/J-Juan unbalanced double cylinder gliding caliper

Raise brake: 240mm plate w/J-Juan single-cylinder gliding caliper

ABS: Bosch Gen 9 standard

Measurements and CAPACITIES

Wheelbase: 56.2 inches

Rake: 26.5 degrees

Trail: 4.6 inches

Seat tallness: 33.2 inches

Control weight: 419 pounds; 444 pounds w/Charge Tank; 463 pounds w/Power Tank

2019 Zero DSR Prices

$16,495 standard MSRP

$18,790 w/Charge Tank MSRP

$19,390 w/Power Tank MSRP

Zero electric bike 2019

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